Welcome to this simple minecraft webpage!

Hi guys! Welcome to my site! This is my first site so dont expect much. This is the official minecraft site!

Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks.

This is steve, the orginal minecraft character next to the new 1.8 character alex.

This is the things in minecraft that i like doing:

This is a link to the minecraft wiki!

This is some of the animals and mobs you will find in minecraft (steve is not a mob, only a skin)

Minecraft is a game where you can do almost anything. Theres a lot of mods and maps that people has made!


Minecraft was created by Markus Persson (Notch). It was orginally called cave game. Notch and the company Mojang worked with it, but then Jens Bergensten (jeb) took over after notch. Microsoft Bougth it and is still owning it.


Weapons is a thing in minecraft that you need to survive. There are 5 different materials you can make weapons of. Wood, Gold, Stone, Iron and Diamond.


Tools make destroying blocks faster. Sometimes you need a tool to get the block. Its only when mining (you need to have a iron or higher tier, like diamond to mine gold and diamond. You can mine all the other ores too.


Ores is the thing that has built the game. You need to find ores to get good stuff so you can survive all the mobs.

This is all the ores in minecraft (most common to most rare) :


Skins is your look. Its used in roleplay, like if you wanna pretend you are someone else than Steve or Alex, like Notch.

This is how the skins look when you is uploading them

This is a link to a skin site im using to make it easier to make a skin.


Servers is a way to play minecraft with friends. You type in a server ip, and then you can play! Skins is good to use on servers.


Seeds is a thing that you can type in to change how the world looks.

This is a good seed


Trading is a function in minecraft to make you get new items from villagers. Some of them will trade something for emeralds and some of them wants emeralds so you should get something. Remember to check all the villagers, someone might want 20 wheat for one emerald when another one only wants 18. You'll save 2 wheat!


Temples are structures which spawn in a special biome and contains loot but also traps, so watch out when you loot them! There are currently (1.8.8) desert ones and jungle ones. They are containing chest with ores, ingots, saddles, bones and rotten flesh. Personally i think they are graves of some leader.